Cougars News · Congratulations Blackhawk Bowlers!

Congratulations to Jordan Wright on winning the WPIBL singles championship on 2/27/19 at Wildlife Lanes.  Congratulations to Adam Scruci who finished second in the singles championship yesterday.  Jordan and Adam bowled in a head to head matchup for the championship after outlasting 102 other bowlers during the event.  Also, congratulations to Ryan Robinson who finished in a very respectable 11th place at the event.  Jarrett Wright and Brandon Sullivan will also accompany Jordan, Adam, and Ryan when all 5 bowl at the regional singles event next Friday.

Also, congratulations to both Kaylee Houy and Hannah Bielawski as they too will bowl at the regional singles event next Friday after qualyfing for the event last week.  Finally, congratulations to the girls bowling team as they will be participating in the regional team championships next Saturday.

          Submitted: Bryan Vitali